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Welcome to the Buckaroonie Saloon!

This program will help me to offset the operation costs of the channel and in turn allow me to rely less on YouTube's incredibly inconsistent monetization options to create the content that I want to create most, without having to worry about if it will be financially 'worth it' to pursue a specific idea.

The 60+ hours that go into a video combined with the thousands of dollars of equipment it takes to make them effectively runs me into the red before I even hit the shiny 'record' button.

While I could just 'partner' with brands or services to make YouTube more financially viable, I don't want to have a channel that's “for sale.”

Additionally, this means you'll get special access to content that otherwise wouldn't be possible to create!

If you're looking for a way to support the channel, this is a great way to show your support and get something in return.


Q - Why not Patreon?
A - Patreon is great, but has much higher fees and I don't really like the idea of people trying to support the channel and a portion of that going to some giant company.

With this option through my website host there are ZERO fees meaning if you join to support the channel, every single penny of your subscription goes directly towards making that happen.

As an added bonus, with this service through my website I also have much more control over the design and experience and can offer things that wouldn't be as easy to do on Patreon. 

Q - Are you going to steal my credit card info?
A - No, I can't actually. And more importantly: nobody else can either. 

All payments are processed through Stripe (this is the same processor Patreon uses actually) and don't happen here on this website. Stripe's security is about as good as it gets.

You can read all about Stripe's security information here

Q - Can I cancel anytime?
A - Yep! If you can't make a payment one month or just want to jump off the program altogether for a while, you can cancel at any time.

Q - What's in it for me?
A - Besides the tier based incentives above, I hope to grow this program in the future (if it's successful enough) to offer other things like music stems, video production assets, interviews with industry leaders, larger sample/preset banks, and other cool stuff I don't want to give away just yet.