808 Destruction // Sonic Experiments
  • 808 Destruction // Sonic Experiments
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What happens when you take a sample pack and absolutely wreck it with randomizers, granular synthesis, spectral reprocessing, and a bit of WTF? Well, this is basically it.

After taking my free '808 Sessions' pack and feeding it through a few special audio tools (and with a bit of careful processing and secret sauce) I accidentally created a pretty awesome pack of glitches, stutters, boops, clangs, and other audio thangz. And, I've even tossed in a few loops for good measure.

If you're feeling adventurous as well, this pack includes the original RAW recording to process and mangle yourself!

What's Inside:

  • 574 Wrecked 808 Samples
  • 32 Glitched Out Loops
  • 1 RAW .wav file for your mangling pleasure
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