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Welcome to my sample lab! Each pack contains stuff from my personal collection, meticulously chopped and selected to make your tracks extra spicy. There's no 200hz boosted snares, no stupid brostep kicks, and nothing that I haven't used myself. 

Let your imagination go wild. 

All samples are 100% organic, cruelty free, and made with love.

Flat & Phat // Sound Kit [Coming Soon!]
  • Flat & Phat // Sound Kit [Coming Soon!]
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This is a special pack designed for those who want to make their own drum kits and hits. Taken from my personal collection of 'starter sounds', these hits provide a great baseline to get started with creating your own unique kits and hits.

Flat includes loads of single hits in their raw form, and Phat sees these same hits processed with some of my secret sauce to make them just a bit more juicy!

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